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Elderly Select is a free search service to find senior care in Houston. No personal information required. We want to provide users with tools to make decisions regarding options for assisted living, nursing home, and home care.

Our ultimate mission is to create a more informed public through information and advocacy of quality housing and lifestyles for our senior citizens. We hope information and data from this website will ease the tasks of navigating and narrowing down the many options. It is very important that users schedule an appointment with selected facilities to communicate with the staff and tour the building prior to making a final decision. This website is intended as a public service, without favoritism, bias or prejudice to any provider of eldercare services. We do not accept advertising from any facility listed. We welcome comments on how to improve this website or suggestions on how to make it easier for the public to search for information.
Texas Health and Human Services

Medicaid/Community of Aging and Disability services

Texas LTC Ombudsman Program
Advocate for residents Information, assistance, complaints

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Adult Protective Services Abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation in the community

Texas Office of the Attorney General
Medicaid fraud control