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Demand for Caregivers

The increase in demand for caregivers is not surprising because 10,000 people in the US turn 65 years old every day.  According to the US Census Bureau’s 2017 National Projections, by 2030 which is only 8 years from now, older people are projected to outnumber children under the age of 18 years old for the first time in US history. This means that by 2030, 1 in 5 Americans is projected to be 65 years old and the number of older adults will increase by 18 million.

When we say the term, “caregivers,” this can refer to (1) Home Care which provides non-clinical help, such as meal preparation and companionship; or (2) Home Health which usually refers to someone who received some medical training or certification such as a CNA (Certified Nurses Aide) who can offer some medical assistance.

Please contact us if you are interested to be on our Caregivers List who are seeking employment OR if you need assistance in finding caregivers for your loved ones. Please answer the posted questions for Potential Employers in order for us to assist with the referral. Thank you
Potential Employers interested in hiring Caregivers for Home Care

1. Think about the type of person you would like to employ as a caregiver. Male or female? Ethnic preference? Age preference?

2. Realize that caregivers are in great demand and the current going rate for services is at least $15/hour for daytime and $17/hour for the evening which includes overnight shift. Caregivers with more credentials, such as nurses or nurse aides may require a higher fee.

3. Many caregivers prefer cash payments. However, some will accept a 1099 form. Each case should be negotiated between the caregiver and the employer before the start of employment. 

4. Decide on the number of hours to be worked each day. Most caregivers ask to work a minimum of 4 hours per day. Be very clear and specific if you need caregivers to work on weekends.

5.  Prepare a list of the primary responsibilities expected of the caregiver.  For example, assistance with ADL (activities of daily living such as toileting, bathing, dressing, etc); cooking and preparing meals; grocery shopping; driving to and from doctor’s appointments, etc

6. If you expect the caregiver to transport your loved one, ask about their driving record.  Are they a licensed drivers?  What is their car accident record?  Have they had many traffic violations? Even if they won’t be transporting your loved ones, it is important to ask about dependable transportation so that they can show up for work when expected.

7. You may ask the caregiver to provide a background check. The following websites are useful.

TruthFinder – Best Overall ($29.89/month + Free Unlimited searches + Reverse Phone Lookup)

Intelius – Best for Finding Multiple Connections (#35.12/month + Educational history results + Intelius Connection

Instant Checkmate – Best for Extended Information ($35.12/month + Lots of location results + Unlimited reports.

Spokeo – Best for Email Search ($24.95/month + Email search + Transparent pricing)

BeenVerified – Best for VIN Lookups ($29.99/month + VIN lookup +B2B searches)

 PeopleFinders – Best for Property Search (19/95/month + Property info + Sex offender lists)

8. Be specific about the language the caregiver must speak. For example, in English and Spanish, If Chinese, specify the dialect such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Toishan, etc)

9. Ask about the caregiver’s work experience and to provide references.  Call the references to verify their employment and performance

Pointers for Potential Caregivers to consider

1. Ask about the specific daily/routine responsibilities expected of you.  Ask about any breaks (for example, a rest break every two hours, or meal breaks) you might be able to take.  Write down what is told you or take notes during the interview.  Better yet, request written instructions that you have both discussed and agreed upon.

2. Confirm in writing the number of hours expected and the negotiated pay.  Ask if there is extra compensation for last-minute or emergency requests to work. You can also make it clear if you are NOT available for emergency or last-minute work assignments. Also, if you agreed to work for example 4 hours/day but somehow you were asked to leave 2 hours (due to whatever reasons), you should be compensated for the agreed 4 hours pay.

3. Be prepared to show your driver’s license or some official form of identification.  

4. If you are expected to transport the loved one or drive to complete errands, have a driving record available.

5. Complete a criminal background check and present it to the potential employer. Please refer to Pointers #7 for Potential Employers

6. Specify the area of town that you are willing to travel to (i.e. Southwest Houston/Sugarland; Katy area, etc).  You may want to select locations that are closer to your home in case there is inclement weather and an emergency at home and you need to return home quickly.

7. Discuss reimbursement for grocery shopping or gasoline when applicable.

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